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Dietrich Leis Photography makes it easy for you to search our collection of thousands of high quality photos. Images from our digital library are available for rights managed, editorial, commercial, digital, or corporate licensing.

All of our images are copyright protected and may not be copied or used in any manner without a contractual agreement with Dietrich Photography. It is strictly prohibited to copy any photo from this site without a Licensing Agreement and full payment of usage the fee.

It is possible to view the images by selecting any collection from the drop down list OR by selecting one of the gallery buttons. You can widen or narrow your search by entering specific keyword(s) in the search box. The site will then look for any image tagged with these keywords and create a collection for you. The Advanced Search option allows you to narrow your search by considering several criteria at a time. Please read our SEARCH GUIDE to more effectively use the search tool.

We welcome you to browse through our galleries. If however, you would like to create a personal lightbox, you will need to create an ACCOUNT with us. By registering you can create customized collections and search our entire database. We will be better able to assist you with pricing, downloading, and answering any questions you may have about using this site.

Creating a Lightbox
After registering you will be able to make your own collection of photos and save them to your personal Lightbox. As you find photos you like simply tag them for LIGHTBOX. This is your personal collection which you can save, edit, and share with others. Each Lightbox can hold as many as 100 photos.

Private Galleries
If you prefer, our staff would be happy to create a photo collection for you. Simply email us at with the particulars of your project. Be as specific as possible: vertical/horizontal, subject, season, mood, use of the image, if you need space for type, etc. We will do a thorough search of our photo library and place a customized collection of images in a password protected lightbox for you to review. We charge no research fees for this service.



For us to provide you with a quote we will need to know the following details:

  • How are you using the photos?
    1., magazine, website banner, advertisment, etc.
  • In what size will the image be reproduced?
    1. ex. Front cover, 1/2page interior, etc.
  • Where will the product be distributed?
    1. ex. local, regional, national, world-wide
  • How many copies of the product will be made?
    1. ex. size of print run
  • What will be the length of the contract for use of the image?
    1. ex. One-year calendar rights, or single use magazine, etc.


Our standard license gives one-time, non-exclusive rights for one specific use. If exclusive rights are required please contact Dietrich Photo with the details and we will determine if the image is available.

A separate license is required for additional uses of the same photo. For example if postcard rights have been purchased, a new license must be negotiated if later you would like to use the image in a calendar or book.


Photo Delivery
We can deliver images in several ways. Our images have been created in a variety of formats from digital to 8x10 transparencies. When applicable transparencies can be shipped. High res scans of film, or digital TIFF files apprx 50MB can be uploaded to a FTP site, or CD/DVD’s can be shipped. For an additional charge, images can be scanned to a larger file size or fomatted to your specifications.

Feel free to contact our knowledgible staff with any questions regarding use of this site and/or licensing. We can be reached at

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